Welcome to the Hajeri Partners Program!

Join us in revolutionizing attendance management with our innovative mobile application, "Hajeri" As a Hajeri Partner, you'll have the opportunity to promote and market this contact-free attendance system to businesses across India.

Why Become a Hajeri Partner?

Promote and Market "Hajeri" Mobile Application, We are calling all sales firms! Join the Hajeri Partners program and boost your revenue today!

  • Gain exclusive rights to promote and market the "Hajeri" mobile application in your designated area.
  • Leverage your expertise, manpower, and infrastructure to create a successful marketing strategy.
  • Earn attractive commissions and incentives based on your marketing performance.
  • Provide organizations with a seamless attendance management solution that saves time and enhances efficiency.
  • Be a part of a growing network of Hajeri Partners driving the adoption of cutting-edge technology.

Our Values

Benefits for Marketing Executives:

Competitive compensation based on performance:

Opportunity to work with a cutting-edge technology company and contribute to its growth.

Valuable experience in sales and marketing with an innovative product.

Access to training and technical support for skill enhancement.

Plus Happy Clients

Plus Sales Executive

Presence in States

24/7* Support System

Application Process:

Process to apply as sales partner

Submit Application

We assess your application and do a call with you

Sign Sales Partner agreement

Hajeri Sales Partner onboarding & knowledge sharing workshop

Earn & grow with Every target Sales Achied

Hajeri & you! We grow together!

What is Hajeri?

Discover Hajeri:

The seamless solution for attendance management. Combining QR scan and face scanning features, it simplifies tracking with accuracy. Say goodbye to manual entry and buddy punching. Gain valuable insights and optimize productivity with real-time data and analytics. Scale effortlessly with our cloud-based system. Embrace the future of attendance management with Hajeri.

Apply now to be a part of Hajeri If you are:

  • Passionate about marketing,
  • Have the necessary expertise
  • Are eager to promote a revolutionary attendance management solution
  • Recruit and manage a team of qualified marketing executives dedicated to promoting the "Hajeri" application.

A Hajeri Partner's responsibilities include:

Team Management:

Recruit and manage a team of marketing executives for promoting Hajeri.

Customer Sourcing:

Find potential customers in the designated area and explain the benefits of using Hajeri.

Implementation Assistance:

Help organizations with the setup and installation of Hajeri, including registration, branch setup, employee onboarding, and QR code generation.

Customer Support:

Address customer queries, resolve issues, and provide necessary support.

Marketing Strategy:

Follow provided marketing strategies and report on activities and progress regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions

As a Hajeri Sales Partner, your role is to promote and market the "Hajeri" mobile application in your designated area. You will recruit and manage a team of marketing executives, source potential customers, assist with implementation, address customer queries, and follow provided marketing strategies.

To become a Hajeri Sales Partner, you need to express your interest and showcase your expertise, manpower, and infrastructure for promoting and marketing Hajeri. The company will evaluate your suitability and enter into an agreement with you.

By becoming a Hajeri Sales Partner, you gain exclusive rights to promote and market Hajeri in your area. You can leverage your skills and resources to create a successful marketing strategy. There are attractive commissions and incentives based on your performance. Additionally, you get the opportunity to work with a cutting-edge technology company, gain valuable sales and marketing experience, and access training and technical support.

Yes, you can work as a Hajeri Sales Partner on a part-time basis. The flexibility of working hours allows you to manage your other commitments while promoting and marketing Hajeri.

If you don't meet the sales targets, your compensation may be adjusted accordingly. However, the company encourages continuous improvement and provides support to help you achieve your targets.

The partnership agreement is valid until terminated or cancelled by either party. However, it's essential to review the agreement for specific terms regarding termination and duration.

Hajeri Sales Partners are typically assigned a designated area for promotion. It is important to operate within the agreed-upon geographical boundaries unless prior approval is obtained for any changes or expansions.

Hajeri Sales Partners receive competitive compensation based on their performance. The exact details of the compensation structure will be outlined in the agreement between you and the company. Commissions and incentives are provided based on the marketing performance and achievement of targets.

Yes, Hajeri provides training and technical support to its Sales Partners. This includes initial training sessions and ongoing support to enhance your skills and effectiveness in promoting and marketing Hajeri. You will have access to resources and guidance from the company.

If you wish to expand, change, add, or exchange your designated area, you need to obtain prior written approval from Hajeri. The company will consider your request based on various factors and make a decision accordingly.

Collaboration with other Hajeri Sales Partners is encouraged to share best practices and enhance collective success. However, any collaborative efforts should comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The company will provide you with guidelines on reporting your activities and tracking your progress. You may be required to submit regular reports, follow specified formats, or utilize provided software tools for activity tracking.

While you have the flexibility to use your expertise in marketing, it is important to follow the marketing strategies and guidelines provided by Hajeri. This ensures consistency and alignment with the company's branding and messaging.

As a Hajeri Sales Partner, you are responsible for addressing customer issues and providing support. It is essential to promptly respond to customer queries, resolve problems, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


What they are saying about us

One of the nice application for attendance management. I can use this application for maintaining attendance of my employees, article clarks in my office as well as audit places

CA Avinash Mahulkar

Chartered Accountant

This application make my task much easier than before. Everything is managed online. Being marketing accurity in my organization makes me harder to control my marketing employees on field. On-The-Go features in Hajeri can help me to locate existance of my marketing executives in the market.

Vijay Pawar

Manager AM Ventures Pvt Ltd

Complete monthly attendance sheet just on one click makes my task easy. Face recognition features of this application is very powerful. After installed this service in my office i can manage my man power without any mistake.

Avinash Khosare


There are numbers of attendance based applications in the market. Some of them also recognize the face, but the accuracy like Hajeri application has not been seen in any application yet. Due to this application, marking fake attendance has been stopped. This application has been very useful for my ORGANISATION. but this application not available on aap store... kindly provide this on app store ASAP. A big thanks to Hajeri team for bringing this application to us at very low cost.

Janhavi Shelke

Operating Executive

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